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Last Update: 2024-06-11 12:53 UTC

Daphile is a minimal operating system for running a digital audio player on a headless computer. The operating system and media manager can be controlled remotely using a web-based interface.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 140 (59), 6 months: 106 (83), 3 months: 74 (133), 4 weeks: 168 (34), 1 week: 155 (36)

Average visitor rating: 9.56/10 from 9 review(s).

Daphile Summary
Distribution Daphile
Home Page https://www.daphile.com/
Mailing Lists --
User Forums --
Alternative User Forums
Documentation https://www.daphile.com/download/FAQ.txthttps://www.daphile.com/download/DaphileInstallation.pdf
Screenshots https://www.daphile.com/DistroWatch Gallery
Download Mirrors https://www.daphile.com/#download
Bug Tracker --
Related Websites  
Reviews 17.09: DistroWatch
Where To Donate, Buy, or Try

Recent Related News and Releases
  Releases announcements with download links and checksums:
 • 2024-05-09: Distribution Release: Daphile 24.05
 • 2022-12-18: Distribution Release: Daphile 22.12
 • More Daphile releases...

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Feature 24.06 23.01 22.12 21.01 20.12 19.12 18.07 17.09 Feature
Release Date 2024-06-11 2023-01-04 2022-12-17 2021-01-09 2020-12-29 2019-12-21 2018-07-09 2017-09-21 Release Date
End Of Life                 End Of Life
Price (US$) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Price (US$)
Image Size (MB) 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300 200-300 100-200 100-200 Image Size (MB)
Free Download ISO ISO ISO ISO ISO ISO ISO ISO Free Download
Installation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Installation
Default Desktop WebUI WebUI WebUI WebUI WebUI WebUI WebUI WebUI Default Desktop
Package Management -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Package Management
Release Model Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Release Model
Office Suite -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Office Suite
Processor Architecture i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 i686, x86_64 Processor Architecture
Init Software -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Init Software
Journaled File Systems ext4 ext4 ext4 ext4 ext4 ext4 ext4 ext4 Journaled File Systems
Multilingual                 Multilingual
Asian Language Support                 Asian Language Support
Full Package List                 Full Package List

Reader Ratings
Reader supplied reviews for Daphile

Average rating
from 9 review(s)

What are your thoughts on Daphile?
Please include a few pros and a few cons, along with your overall impression of the operating system.
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Past reviews - sort by:

Version: 24.05
Rating: 9
Date: 2024-05-11
Votes: 1

Daphile is a one-person project, but that one person has done a masterful job at leveraging the best pieces of Linux and other open source tools to build Daphile. Installed on a micro PC that need not be a computing powerhouse, I have a flexible, customizable music server and streamer. This includes plugins that allow the user to stream from Tidal, Deezer, Quboz, Spotify and other services.

There is a partnership between Daphile and the folks behind LMS: Lyrion Music Server, formerly known as Logitech Media Server. Much of the customizability is a product of that partnership.

You could pay a lot of money to buy a prepackaged, one-box solution that does what Daphile does. Think of the BlueSoound Node 2 or the ifi Zen Streamer.

Here at my home office I use the USB output from the micro PC running Daphile to the input of my DAC. I stream music from my home network drive, or internet radio stations like Radio Paradise, JB Radio 2, or Naim Classical. Alternatively, I can access my Tidal account and stream directly from Tidal through Daphile.

Sincere thanks to Daphile for allowing greater enjoyment of my music.

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 24.05
Rating: 10
Date: 2024-05-09
Votes: 3

Excelente Reproductor de Audio, muy completo y gratuito!
Felicitaciones para quienes lo desarrollan y mantienen actualizado.
Que integre música local en muchos formatos, además de audio streaming como Spotify, Tidal, y Youtube, emisoras de radio. Manejo de forma remota desde un celular, tablet o PC a través de cualquier navegador web.
No tienen idea de a cuantas personas hacen felices con esta distro. Gracias!!!!, gracias y gracias nuevamente!!!!
Mi única sugerencia sería mejorar su interfaz, aunque con la APP Squeezer va muy bien!!!

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 23.01
Rating: 9
Date: 2024-03-23
Votes: 0

First, this project is an excellent example of love of music and the community of people who are likeminded. Yes. the user interface is not as slick as others but, this FREE and a labor of love. The sound is excellent. When tweaked to take advantage of the hardware it's installed on the results are without a doubt - on par with many of the PAID apps out there.

That said I am not sure where it goes from here as LMS is no longer available and the MySqueezeBox accounts are no longer available. This has disabled the "My Apps" on my installation.

So, it may be farewell to Daphile, one of the excellent examples of a FREE headless streaming server. I remain a fan.

Was this review helpful? Yes No

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