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Last Update: 2023-05-24 17:28 UTC

TUXEDO OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution developed in Germany by TUXEDO Computers GmbH, designed and optimised for the company's own range of Linux-friendly personal computers and notebooks. The distribution uses KDE Plasma as the preferred desktop. Some of the differences between Ubuntu and TUXEDO OS include custom boot menu, the TUXEDO Control Centre, Calamares installer, availability of the Lutris open gaming platform, preference for the PipeWire audio daemon (over PulseAudio), removal of Ubuntu's snap daemon and snap packages, and various other tweaks and enhancements.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 101 (118), 6 months: 53 (209), 3 months: 41 (249), 4 weeks: 27 (334), 1 week: 47 (218)

Average visitor rating: 8.16/10 from 19 review(s).

TUXEDO Summary
Distribution TUXEDO OS
Home Page https://www.tuxedocomputers.com/os
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Download Mirrors https://os.tuxedocomputers.com/DistroWatch Torrent Archive
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 • 2023-02-24: Distribution Release: TUXEDO OS 2
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Feature 2-20230524 1-20220929
Release Date 2023-05-24 2022-09-29
End Of Life    
Price (US$) Free Free
Image Size (MB) 3300-3400 3100-3200
Free Download ISO ISO
Installation Graphical Graphical
Default Desktop KDE Plasma KDE Plasma
Package Management DEB (apt) DEB (apt)
Release Model Fixed Fixed
Office Suite LibreOffice LibreOffice
Processor Architecture x86_64 x86_64
Init Software systemd systemd
Journaled File Systems Btrfs, ext3, ext4, JFS, ReiserFS, XFS Btrfs, ext3, ext4, JFS, ReiserFS, XFS
Asian Language Support    
Full Package List 2-20230524 1-20220929
Package 2-20230524 1-20220929
abiword (3.0.5) -- --
alsa-lib (1.2.9) 1.2.6
amdgpu (23.0.0) 22.0.0 22.0.0
bash (5.2.15) 5.1 5.1
bind (9.18.15) -- --
chromium (114.0.5735.106) -- --
cups (2.4.4) 2.4.1 2.4.1
dhcp (4.4.3-P1) 4.4.1 4.4.1
e2fsprogs (1.47.0) 1.46.5 1.46.5
firefox (114.0) 113.0.2 105.0.1
freetype (2.13.0) 2.11.1 2.11.1
gcc (13.1.0) 11.2.0 11.2.0
gimp (2.10.34) -- --
glibc (2.37) 2.35 2.35
gnome-shell (44.2) -- --
gnucash (5.1) -- --
gnumeric (1.12.55) -- --
grub (2.06) 2.06 2.06
gtk (4.10.4) 3.24.33 3.24.33
httpd (2.4.57) -- --
inkscape (1.2.2) -- --
k3b (23.04.2) -- --
kmod (30) 29 29
krita (5.1.5) -- --
libreoffice (7.5.4) 7.5.3 7.3.6
linux (6.3.6) 6.2.0 5.15
Package 2-20230524 1-20220929
lxpanel (0.10.1) -- --
mariadb (11.1.1) -- --
mate-desktop (1.26.1) -- --
mesa (23.1.2) 23.1.0 22.0.5
mysql (8.0.33) -- --
nautilus (44.2.1) -- --
NVIDIA (530.41.03) 525.105.17 510.85.02
openbox (3.6.1) -- --
openjdk (20.0.1) -- --
openssh (9.3p1) 8.9p1 8.9p1
openssl (3.1.1) 3.0.2u 3.0.2
perl (5.36.1) 5.34.0 5.34.0
php (8.2.7) -- --
plasma-desktop (5.27.5) 5.27.5 5.24.6
postfix (3.8.1) -- --
postgresql (15.3) -- --
Python (3.11.4) 3.10.6 3.10.6
qt (6.5.1) 5.15.9 5.15.3
samba (4.18.3) 4.15.13 4.15.9
systemd (253.5) 249.11 249.11
thunderbird (102.12.0) 102.11.0 91.11.0
vim (9.0) 8.2 8.2
vlc (3.0.18) 3.0.16 3.0.16
wayland (1.22.0) -- --
xfdesktop (4.18.1) -- --
xorg-server (21.1.8) 21.1.4 21.1.3

Reader Ratings
Reader supplied reviews for TUXEDO OS

Average rating
from 19 review(s)

What are your thoughts on TUXEDO OS?
Please include a few pros and a few cons, along with your overall impression of the operating system.
Our FAQ page has tips on writing a good mini-review.


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Past reviews - sort by:

Version: 2-20230427
Rating: 10
Date: 2023-05-16
Votes: 4

There's absolutely nothing wrong with tuxedos' awesome distro! The only thing I could recommend for the future is possibly a "LITE" variant? or an online installer which allows the user their choice of Desktop Environment?? Other than that anyone who gives this distro lower than a 9 is a either a dumbass or newbie suffering superficial butthurt or operator error. I have suffered zero problems when installation is done by-the-book. Now I have had problems with ventoy installs , so I wouldnt suggest anything other than a straight 1:1 image to disk.

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 2-20230427
Rating: 9
Date: 2023-05-02
Votes: 2

I am running this system on a TUXEDO Pulse 15 Gen 1, therefore I cannot say anything about the performance (it's a quite powerful laptop).

The installation is a no-brainer if you use the fully automated "WebFAI" installer. You can create a WebFAI USB stick with a creator software downloadable from the Tuxedo website. It's very simple to use but does not handle errors well (it just starts from the beginning without any explanation), so I ended up downloading the WebFAI ISO and flashing it to my USB drive myself.

I called WebFAI a no-brainer because all you get to choose your Linux flavor and if you want your disk encrypted or not. All the rest, the disk layout and the preinstalled software, is pre-defined. The WebFAI installer apparently does not use an image file but instead downloads each package separately, so the system is up-to-date from the first boot.

The system itself is basically a Tuxedo-branded Ubuntu. It features a modern KDE desktop with the Tuxedo X on the application menu button, the Tuxedo Control Center and the WebFAI creator. The preinstalled software is so complete that I had to install very little software on my own – in fact, I only installed fish and KMail myself. Even git is already on board. The predefined color scheme is white-orange and dark-orange respectively, however there is no Tuxedo-branded dark wallpaper that really fits the dark one. Kate makes up for that, it presents itself in a yellowish, eye-friendly look.

All in all this is a bold move from TUXEDO OS 1 as it feels way more well-rounded. I recommend it to those who run the first TUXEDO OS and/or want a carefree system without snap'd Firefox.

Was this review helpful? Yes No
Version: 2-20230417
Rating: 10
Date: 2023-04-27
Votes: 4

Fantastic version of KDE Plasma. Nice stable Ubuntu 22.04 LTS base with newest Plasma desktop and Flatpaks enabled by default. For those that don't like Snaps - they are not installed by default.

I used this on both my Acer/Intel laptop and HP/Intel desktop and it worked great on both machines. I think the updates are somewhat numerous or large. Possibly because it has a newer version of Plasma. I still prefer Linux Mint but KDE Plasma is growing on me thanks to Tuxedo OS. It made me look at Kubuntu again and I am liking both versions of KDE.

The kernel is relatively new in the 6 series.

This is like the Mint version of KDE. Latest Ubuntu LTS with Flatpaks and no snaps. I think this is the best version of KDE Plasma next to Kubuntu. It has an upgrade path with all the latest software, kernel, and Plasma desktop.

Best part is that it is fast and stable without the need to spend countless hours customizing an Arch distribution.

Was this review helpful? Yes No

See all 19 reader reviews of TUXEDO OS...

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